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Definition of 'in the process of' in the process of phrase If you are in the process of doing something, you have started to do it and are still doing it. The administration is in the process of drawing up a peace plan. Her novel is in the process of being turned into a television series.

Synonyms of process 1 a : progress, advance in the process of time b : something going on : proceeding 2 a (1) : a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result the process of growth (2) : a continuing natural or biological activity or function such life processes as breathing b

a method of producing goods in a factory by treating natural substances: They have developed a new process for extracting aluminum from bauxite. Fewer examples Warm air rises by the process of convection. Her conversion to Buddhism was a very gradual process. Repairing damaged nerves is a very delicate process.

| Usage What does it mean when someone is in the process of doing something? In the process of is a common phrase you'll find in essays, novels, and casual conversations. Like me, I'm always in the process of writing a book. Sometimes it feels like I never stop!

noun [ C ] uk / ˈprəʊ.ses / us / ˈprɑː.ses / Add to word list B2 a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result: the peace process Increasing the number of women in top management jobs will be a slow process. This decision may delay the process of European unification.

in the process of (doing something) See More Nearby Entries Cite this Entry Style "In the process." Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 26 May. 2023. Copy Citation Share Last Updated: 27 Apr 2023 - Updated example sentences Love words? Need even more definitions?

What is another word for in the process of? that you can use instead. Contexts Preposition Engaged in, but not finished with, an activity In the middle of or preoccupied with Verb … more Preposition Engaged in, but not finished with, an activity in the middle of in the midst of in the course of undergoing going through experiencing under busy

A process is a procedure, something you do in order to achieve a certain result. Some people try to carefully follow all the steps in a process. Other people just wing it.

1. : while doing something. He scored the goal but was injured in the process. 2. If you are in the process of doing something, you are doing something that takes a certain amount of time to do. I am in the process of buying a new car/house. 2 process / ˈ prɑːˌsɛs/ Brit / ˈ prəʊˌsɛs/ verb. processes; processed; processing.

germination, the sprouting of a seed, spore, or other reproductive body, usually after a period of dormancy. The absorption of water, the passage of time, chilling, warming, oxygen availability, and light exposure may all operate in initiating the process.

adjective Definition of process as in imitation Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance imitation manufactured synthetic simulated mock dummy cultured mimic sham artificial substitute bogus imitative faux designer fake pretend unauthentic factitious manipulated ersatz fraudulent engineered false misleading adulterated man-made deceptive concocted

: working on (doing something) that takes a certain amount of time to do I am in the process of buying a new car/house. Example Sentences Recent Examples on the Web Now that Kevin Von Erich is in the process of moving back to Texas, the wrestling legend is expanding his schedule of one-man shows to visit more of the state and its neighbors.

phrase If you are in the process of doing something, you have started to do it and are still doing it. The administration is in the process of drawing up a peace plan. Synonyms: in the course of, in the middle of, in the midst of More Synonyms of in the process of See full dictionary entry for process Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

in the process of (doing something) (redirected from in the process of) Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Encyclopedia . in the process of (doing something) Having started some activity without yet having finished it. I'm just in the process of filing your tax return now. See also: of, process

be in the process of doing something idiom Add to word list C2 to have started doing something: We're still in the process of decorating the house. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Busy and active abustle arena be (as) busy as a bee idiom be all go idiom be at work idiom be back in harness idiom boot frenetically gangbusters girlie swot

Meaning of in the process in English in the process idiom Add to word list C2 If you are doing something, and you do something else in the process, the second thing happens as a result of doing the first thing: I stood up to say hello and spilled my drink in the process. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Simultaneous and consecutive

Process definition, a systematic series of actions directed to some end: to devise a process for homogenizing milk. See more.

cheerfully boastfully anxiously WORDS RELATED TO IN THE PROCESS OF as conjunctionwhile, when at the time that during the time that in the act of in the process of just as on the point of Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. WORD OF THE DAY xerophyte noun | [zeer-uh-fahyt ] SEE DEFINITION

The Process Church of the Final Judgment, also known as the Process Church, was a British religious group established in 1966 and disestablished in the 1970s.

The process of peer review helps to ensure that the research described in a scientific paper or grant proposal is original, significant, logical, and thorough. Grant proposals, which are requests for research funding, are also subject to peer review. Scientists publish their work so other scientists can reproduce their experiments under similar ...

Here's an example. Go to Task Manager > Details, then sort by Name and locate the WmiPrvse.exe process that's consuming high CPU usage. Make a note of the process ID (PID). This screenshot shows multiple instances of WMI Provider Host (the WmiPrvse.exe process) as active and its CPU utilization.. This screenshot shows Services Host: Windows Management Instrumentation (svchost.exe hosting the ...

After getting the surgery after the Illini's ReliaQuest Bowl appearance on Jan. 2, Barnes began the rehabilitation and recovery process a couple weeks later once the initial pain somewhat subsided. His rehab folder at Smith Center still has a lot of the same information and exercises that you used back in 2020, which made it easier for Barnes ...

By providing an alternative to landfill disposal, the HaloSep process increases the sustainability of the waste-to-energy industry. Recovering materials from difficult waste streams is an important contribution to greater circularity. There are over 2,600 waste-to-energy plants worldwide, with a disposal capacity of approximately 460 million ...

"CSJ urges the government to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the cost components and the basis for the calculation of the new fuel price. This information is vital for the citizens to ...

How does the brain process memory during sleep? New study offers clues. While it's long been suspected that our brains consolidate each day's events as we sleep, a new study is the first to show ...

Jalen Mills moved to safety and picked Bailey Zappe off in the process. Danny Jaillet. June 1, 2023 8:46 am ET. New England Patriots safety Jalen Mills teased a move from the cornerback position in the offseason, even going so far as to remind people on Twitter of his versatility. That versatility was on full display Wednesday, during New ...

That late start, combined with playing in Florida's read-and-react defense, means the Bears will have to rebuild him from the ground up. That process s tarted after Day 1 of rookie minicamp. There's no timeline for the finished product. The Bears will be patient with Dexter. He is making constant improvements but also has a long way to go.

With employers eagerly seeking to fill countless vacant positions across the country, immigration emerges as a vital piece to solving this puzzle. Recognizing this reality, the Government of Canada is building an immigration system that acts as a catalyst for growth, empowering businesses, helping address their labour needs and strengthening French communities. When combined, these efforts ...

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"We have to keep the idea of a peace process alive," he said. He noted that Pope Francis has been working for a peaceful resolution to the war since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, saying the Holy Father has been "continually evaluating ideas and proposals that could help ease tensions in the Ukrainian conflict and start ...

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