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crucial adjective us / ˈkru·ʃəl / (of a decision or event) extremely important because many other things depend on it: The behavior of the oceans is a crucial aspect of global warming. crucially adverb us / ˈkru·ʃə·li / The band wants to win over fans and, more crucially, radio programmers.

1 a : important, significant … what use we make of them will be the crucial question. Stanley Kubrick Vitamins are crucial for maintaining good health. b : important or essential as resolving a crisis : decisive She played a crucial role in the negotiations. c : marked by final determination of a doubtful issue the crucial game of a series 2

adjective Definition of crucial as in key of the greatest possible importance water is crucial to our survival Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance key critical vital pivotal essential fundamental necessary basic decisive elementary life-or-death instrumental life-and-death urgent requisite indispensable pressing weighty Antonyms & Near Antonyms

it is crucial that | English examples in context | Ludwig Sentence examples for it is crucial that from inspiring English sources RELATED ( 20 ) it is fundamental that it is immaterial that it is decisive that it is essential that it is vital that it is considerable that it is important that it is imperative that it is indispensable that

Crucial information definition: If you describe something as crucial , you mean it is extremely important. [...] | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

it is crucial is the most popular phrase on the web. More popular! it is crucial 1,070,000 results on the web Some examples from the web: a. Extremely significant or important: "Infancy ... is now understood as a crucial building block of human personality" (Anne Roiphe). b. Vital to the resolution of a ...

7 ) it is crucial to perform it is crucial to deliver it is crucial to follow it is crucial to conduct it is crucial to develop it is crucial to report it is crucial to engage similar ( 59 ) This is why it is crucial to doa great job on the internet. 1 Listen Huffington Post

88 other terms for it is crucial- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. phrases. suggest new. it is necessary. it is critical. it is essential. it is extremely important. it is imperative. it is important. it is very important. it is vital. it was crucial. it was essential.

Examples of crucial importance in a sentence, how to use it. 17 examples: Of crucial importance in this approach is the correct identification of the origin of field faecal…

adj. critical, important synonyms for crucial Compare Synonyms bottom-line central compelling deciding decisive essential imperative momentous necessary pivotal pressing touchy urgent vital acute clamorous climactic desperate dire hanging by thread high-priority insistent on thin ice searching showdown touch and go See also synonyms for: crucially

involving an extremely important decision or result; decisive; critical: a crucial experiment. severe; trying. of the form of a cross; cross-shaped. OTHER WORDS FOR crucial 1 momentous, vital, essential, significant. See synonyms for crucial on QUIZ CAN YOU ANSWER THESE COMMON GRAMMAR DEBATES?

Definitions of crucial adjective of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis "a crucial moment in his career" "a crucial election" "a crucial issue for women" synonyms: important critical being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency critical, decisive forming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis

#1 I checked the Cambridge Dictionary that Crucial is followed by "to", but through google search, may people use "crucial for". Which is correct? Awaiting your expert advice. My sentence is "Communications and connections with vendors, buyers and partners around the globe are crucial to increase competitiveness."

crucial in American English (ˈkruːʃəl) adjective 1. involving an extremely important decision or result; decisive; critical a crucial experiment 2. severe; trying 3. of the form of a cross; cross-shaped SYNONYMS 1. momentous, vital, essential, significant. Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC.

extremely important, because it will affect other things synonym critical, essential. The next few weeks are going to be crucial. Private security cameras can prove crucial in some investigations.; Parents play a crucial role in preparing their child for school.; This step is a crucial part of the process.; a crucial step/point; He wasn't there at the crucial moment (= when he was needed most).

It Is Crucial That synonyms - 77 Words and Phrases for It Is Crucial That. synonyms. definitions. phrases. crucial that. extremely important that. imperative that. it is critical that. it is essential that.

exact. any. It is crucial that governance is improved at an institutional level. Europarl8. To that end, it is crucial that the various recommendations laid out in the report be effectively implemented. MultiUn. It is crucial that the Chemical Weapons Convention remain strong and credible. UN-2.

Crucial days ahead as debt ceiling deal goes for vote and Biden calls lawmakers for support. President Joe Biden says he "feels good" about the debt ceiling and budget deal negotiated with ...

3. Exercise can reduce withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawals are the No. 1 reason people stay addicted to substances. Their bodies become used to whatever they're taking, and when the substance is taken away, the person pays for it. Things like anxiety, depression, muscle aches, sweating, restlessness, insomnia, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting ...

Sky Sports F1's Anthony Davidson and Ted Kravitz analyse the long-awaited upgrades Mercedes debuted in Monaco, ahead of crucial running for the W14 at this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

According to Scorsese, that's what's so important about the scene: "That's the key. That's the scene. And that scene took until the day we shot it, to write it. We just kept working on the scenes ...

Congress has just a few days to pass a bill before the June 5 deadline and avoid an unprecedented default.

Army veteran Dwayne Oothoudt, 51, said it's important for people to tell their story "no matter how ugly it is." While walking the 22K course for the second straight year with his wife, Lori ...

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that being responsible with AI is crucial. He says that it is more important than entering in a competitive race. Pichai also says we need to ensure that we get AI right as a part of the society. By Divyanshi Sharma: Artificial Intelligence has been dominating the ...

Malaysia's maritime agency says it has detained a Chinese-registered vessel on suspicion of looting two British warship wrecks in the South China Sea. It says it found a World War II-era cannon shell aboard the barge carrier. Malaysian media reported that illegal salvage operators were believed to have targeted the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales, which were sunk in 1941 by Japanese ...

Studies show that HMPV causes as much misery in the US each year as the flu and a closely related virus, RSV.One study of patient samples collected over 25 years found that it was the second most ...

The sharpshooting guard sustained a hand injury in the series opener on April 16 and was expected to miss four-to-six weeks. Ahead of the crucial Game 7 against the Celtics on Monday, rumors ...

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