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Breed restrictions can vary greatly from one apartment to another, but a restricted breed list often includes the following: American Bulldogs American Pit Bull Terriers Boxers Staffordshire Terriers Rottweilers Akitas German Shepherds Doberman Pinschers

Some places allow only dogs that are over two years old, some places will turn down dogs that weigh more than 25 pounds, and some places will refuse large-sized dogs. Others might ban high energy or noisy breeds. Dogs may also be banned due to space restrictions if the building does not have sufficient area for the dog to exercise in.

3+ 3+ Beds Share this Article Breed Restrictions: A Guide + 9 Tips for Renting with Dogs By: Davina Ward October 17, 2022 Are you worried about breed restrictions while apartment hunting? Find out what they are, what to expect, and how to get around them.

Currently, there are 75 breeds of dog that are banned or restricted somewhere in the United States. For a complete list, see below. The list was compiled by the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States, a not-for-profit group that promotes responsible care, ownership, and treatment of dogs.

The most common breeds banned through BSL include: Pit Bull Bullmastiff American Staffordshire Terrier Belgian Malinois Dogo Argentino Doberman Pinscher Cane Corso German Shepherd Rottweiler Alaskan Malamute Siberian Husky Presa Canario Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Wolf Hybrids American Bulldog Akita Chow Chow

| Updated on April 13, 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes Your dog is your best friend. And you'll always consider them when making big life decisions, such as moving to a new apartment. Some of the biggest challenges for a pet owner is finding the right apartment that allows them to rent with their pets.

We analyzed banned dog breed lists from 42 homeowners insurance companies across the nation to find the most frequently banned breeds. These lists are often hidden from consumers' view in...

Breed-specific legislation exists for safety reasons. It looks at breeds that have a higher tendency of attacking humans or other animals and responds accordingly. Often, when an apartment community has breed restrictions, it aligns with the list within existing legislation.

By Wesley Masters Your dog is on a breed restriction list for the apartment you wanted. Now what? So, you've decided it's time for you and your dog to move. You do your research, choose your preferred neighborhood and take the time to come up with several options for apartments you'd like to see.

Worldwide, the breeds of dogs banned or restricted is also surprising. In Ukraine there are 80 breeds banned and restricted, including one of America's most popular dogs, the Labrador Retriever.

updated Feb 14, 2023 Your home insurance policy's liability coverage usually covers injuries and property damage caused by your dog. That's unless your dog belongs to a so-called restricted dog breed, such as pit bull breeds, rottweilers and Dobermans.

Each company has its own homeowners insurance dog breed restrictions list, but the following breeds are usually on them: Akitas Chow Chows Doberman Pinschers German Shepherds Huskies...

Following is a list of states that prohibit breed-specific legislation, including the provision wording. Note: These aren't necessarily bans against all forms of BSL. Table of Contents 1.) Arizona 2.) California 3.) Colorado 4.) Connecticut 5.) Delaware 6.) Florida 7.) Illinois 8.) Maine 9.) Massachusetts 10.) Minnesota 11.) Nevada 12.) New Jersey

Pitbull/American Bully German Shepherds Doberman Pinschers Cane Corso Mastiffs Rottweilers Boxers Great Danes Staffordshire Terriers Akita Malamute Of course, this list is not comprehensive. Most landlords will restrict large dogs even if they are other breeds as long as they "look scary".

While Pit Bulls are the most restricted breed across the board, via legislation or otherwise, many other dogs perceived as 'aggressive' or 'dangerous' have also made the list. We've rummaged through the world wide web, using sources like, and these are the most common restricted breeds that came up:

Here's a list of the most commonly banned breeds: German shepherds Pit bull terriers Cane corsos Rottweilers Staffordshire terriers Akitas Mastiffs Great Danes Doberman pinschers You might be wondering: are breed restrictions a good thing? Well, that's debatable.

Dog bites can come with high medical bills and court settlement costs. The Triple-I reports that the average cost an insurance company had to pay out for dog bite claims in 2021 was $49,025. If ...

Top 10 banned dog breeds. EverQuote analyzed lists of prohibited dogs from state insurance filings to find the most-banned breeds. We looked at filings made by the 50 largest home insurance companies. Here are the 10 dog breeds most often on prohibited lists: Pit bull. Rottweiler. Chow chow.

The most commonly banned dogs by state based on legislation tracking include: Pit bulls Rottweilers German Shepherds Wolf dogs (part wolf and part dog) Presa Canarios (also known as a Canary Mastiff) Doberman Pinschers Legislation and insurance companies put the pressure on

When searching for dog breed restrictions on military bases, it's a safe bet that the list could include (compiled from the various service branches' housing companies): American Pit Bull Terrier. Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Bull Mastiff.

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