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| Updated on April 13, 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes Your dog is your best friend. And you'll always consider them when making big life decisions, such as moving to a new apartment. Some of the biggest challenges for a pet owner is finding the right apartment that allows them to rent with their pets.

1 2 2 Beds 3+ 3+ Beds Share this Article Breed Restrictions: A Guide + 9 Tips for Renting with Dogs By: Davina Ward October 17, 2022 Are you worried about breed restrictions while apartment hunting? Find out what they are, what to expect, and how to get around them.

- have no breed or weight restrictions - have weight restrictions ≥ 60-70 lbs - allow dogs that have a Canine Good Citizen certification or after passing a pet interview Please note that all of the listings in this database are leads. We encourage you to contact the property directly for any pet policy updates or changes!

No Breed Restrictions | Apartment Pet Policies at MAA Pet Policies At MAA, we understand that pets are an important part of your family. That's why we work hard to make your pet feel as welcome in their new home as you do with no breed restrictions!

Dog breed restrictions for apartments mean that certain breeds that are considered rowdy, unmanageable, and dangerous are banned from the building. Residents and prospective residents cannot have these dogs in their apartments.

Breed restrictions are just what they sound like: Certain dog breeds and their mixes are not permitted to live in certain buildings, houses and apartments. That means that even if Fido is a mutt — he may not make the cut, depending on the various dog breeds in his mix.

Houston Apartments Without Breed Restrictions March 4, 2021 by Friends For Life Moving with a bully breed can be hard. We've collected this map and list of apartments in the Greater Houston area that have been* verified to have no breed restrictions.

Nonetheless, service and emotional support dogs are exempt from apartment breed restrictions, even if they belong to one of the banned breeds. This is because the Americans with Disabilities Act protects them. Why do apartments impose dog breed restrictions?

Only about 9 percent of landlords have no restrictions on the type of pets tenants may own. A further look at the study's statistics shows that landlords with pet restrictions are only hurting themselves, because when they offer pet-friendly rentals, their bottom-line profits increase.

While many rental communities have no weight restrictions for pets, they still have breed restrictions for dogs that are considered aggressive. Some properties allow up to three pets per...

The apartment building may allow cats and dogs, but the pet policy could restrict other kinds of pets like reptiles or birds. Number of pets. Most apartment pet policies limit the number of pets to one or two within each unit. Weight restrictions. Some policies may include a weight limit, which could also rule out many breeds of dogs.

7 MIN READ If your roommate has four legs and fur, you have more things to consider when searching for an apartment than just the number of bedrooms and square footage. Will your best bud be welcome? How will the extra pet fees impact your monthly expenses? You might want your tail-wagging sidekick to enjoy some amenities like an on-site dog park. filter by search. Whether you're looking to move apartments with your favorite pet or hoping to adopt a dog soon, you can quickly search for pet-friendly apartments on Go to the site and: Search for the city where you want to live. Select under the "More" tab at the top of the page.

Two-thirds of American homes have at least one pet! Yet, a leading reason for surrendering dogs is due to difficulty finding pet-friendly rental housing with no breed or size restrictions. Last year, over 250 pets were surrendered to Pet Alliance due to the lack of pet-friendly housing.

Some city laws even require you to limit the number of animals in a residence. Include the type of animal with the limit so they know exactly what is allowed. 3. Any breed restrictions. Some insurance companies and HOAs classify certain dog breeds as more dangerous than other breeds.

Breed restrictions are rules that prohibit certain aggressive dogs from many properties. There's a high number of dog breeds found on the restricted lists because landlords want to avoid liability as well as any possible damage to the property. In fact, many insurance companies require breed restrictions in order to insure a multifamily dwelling.

Apartments Without Breed Restrictions Below you will find all of our current and previously featured apartment specials on apartments with no breed restrictions. We love all dog breeds and would love to help you find Dallas apartments that accepts aggressive breeds. To get started complete our no breed restriction apartment search form.

While not all landlords will budge on their breed restrictions, clearly showing that your dog isn't to be feared and that you're a responsible pet parent can go a long way. Pet weight requirements. Many pet policies include weight maximums for pets—for example, no pets over 30 pounds or no pets over 100 pounds.

Get a Breed Test. Another easy way to ensure that you get the right to keep your dog is to prove that it's not entirely a banned breed. Legally, this might get you to keep your pet on a technicality. However, it may not always work. This is a good idea to work with if you just want to convince a landlord that the dog is not entirely banned.

Malamute Of course, this list is not comprehensive. Most landlords will restrict large dogs even if they are other breeds as long as they "look scary". This idea is problematic because it reinforces negative breed stereotypes and can even cause owners to abandon their dogs. 7 Ways to Get Around Breed Restrictions

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